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Mr. April(s)- Meet Butch & Mo

The Northeast Missouri Humane Society asked us if we were willing to do two dogs-o-the-month......OF COURSE WE SAID YES!!!

Meet these two min pin friends, Butch and Mo. They are available for adoption RIGHT NOW! So go on...what are you still here for?!? wanna know MORE! That up there is Mo. He, without any uncertainty, LOVES CUDDLING! That's all you need to know, right? Cuddles (insert check mark here). Ok, more on Mo. He is a 3-4 year old Min Pin that loves attention. Like if there were a word that meant MORE THAN LOVE....that's how Mo feels about attention. He is a true lap dog. He does well with kids, cats and other dogs. But, as stated, he would just prefer to sit on your lap all day. Ask Meredith (see photo below). :-)

Mo frolicked with his buddy Butch until he got too cold and then he was done. Butch did not seem to be phased by the cold (or anything else for that matter- lol). They played well together and enjoyed their time with each other and us humans.

And here we have Butch. If you knew our BFF (human Butch), you would know that this is a fitting name for this dog (we mean that lovingly). Butch (the dog) is hilarious and adventurous. A true free spirit. This dude likes to be out and about in the world. There's no holding him back. He's a manly little fellow. Butch, too, is a 3-4 year old Min Pin. Butch does well with kids, cats and other dogs just like his buddy, Mo.

If you have further questions about Butch or Mo please contact the Northeast Missouri Humane Society at 573-221-9222. Or stop by for a visit. They love visitors and so do the animals. Spend some time with Butch or Mo and we are sure you will find yourself friends! IF you are thinking of adopting either of these peaches and you have other pets, please allow them to meet one another before adopting.

Cold Wet Noses and Blooming Yellow Daffodils,

The Brunette

PS- as always remember these are my opinions mixed with shelter info. Please form your own opinions by meeting these 2 wonderful pups.

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