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Meet Mr. March- Freckles

March? Whaaaaaaaaat?!? HOW is this possible? Anyhoo- it IS so we must present you with Mr. March!

Freckles is a 1 and a half year old Cattle Dog Mix. He is full of happy energy! If Freckles could speak, he would tell you that he wants to be an only child so that he can have all of the attention. He LOVES people and will be a faithful companion to anyone that opens their heart and home to him.

During his photo session I stumbled upon something super special about Freckles. He made me happy. Yep. I was not having that great of a day and Freckles made me feel loved. The entire time I was taking his photo he repeatedly stood next to me with the intentions of hugging me. And he did. This handsome little man is a lover for sure. It was truly like he knew I needed a hug....or in this case, several! It is amazing what dogs sense in humans. While it was a challenge to pull off (and 8475488 pics later) I did finally capture a pic of Freckles when he was hugging me like a person (as you can see below). #sweetness

I spent about an hour with this blessing! We played fetch with a pine cone (work with what you have). He found a stick that he frolicked with for a while. One of those pics is below and it is HILARIOUS. The looks on his face in some of those are priceless! He's just a very happy, playful pooch.

Last but not least in any way.....Freckles randomly appears to be SMILING. Maybe it is because he could tell that he had made my heart happy. Or maybe it's just who he is. Either way, it is infectious. I left the shelter feeling so much better after having spent time with him (ok and Janet, too....if you haven't met the new shelter director, you should make it a point).

In short, Freckles is going to be a fantastic sidekick to some lucky human being. We cannot wait for you to meet him. If you have additional questions regarding Freckles please contact the Northeast Missouri Humane Society at 573-221-9222 or stop by for a visit.

As always we ask that you make sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of being a mom or dad to any companion animal. They need your love and care. It is always best to have your whole family meet an animal prior to adoption. We just know you will fall completely in love with this stunning boy.

Warm hearts and Wet kisses,

The brunette

PS- these are facts from the shelter mixed with my observation of him while I was there. You must form your own opinions of Freckles. He, like humans, will interact differently with different people. But in my opinion...he is amazing!

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