Mr. February 2018- Meet Peanut

When we decided to do a dog of the month here at 2 Besties we truly had no clue how much fun it would be to get to know all of these awesome pups. Mr. February is no exception!

We are proud to announce that our Mr. February, Peanut, is available to be YOUR VALENTINE!

Meet Peanut! He is 10 month old Hound mix. The shelter staff guess that he will probably be around 50-60 pounds when full grown.

Peanut is very energetic, as puppies usually are, and loves attention. He has a super sweet personality to go along with his super sweet face! He gets along well with the other dogs and cats at the shelter. You will notice that his best friend is in some of his profile photos. They have a great time playing and frolicking together at the shelter. The staff believe he would do well with children because he has such a great personality. As always, it is best to bring those that would be a part of his new family to meet him prior to adoption (including any other pets you may have just to be safe).

In the time spent with Peanut it is clear that he loves to be both inside and outside. His photo shoot was on a day that it was chilly out so we were limited on play time. But let me tell you that he KNOWS when it's time to go in. Just about the time that I started to get cold he was hovering near the door as well. Just like a child he was given toys to play with but instead chose a pine cone. It reminded me of my brother and I playing in the boxes our Christmas presents came in when we were kids (ok...maybe we still do that...). Regardless, you will find this hound puppy to be everything you would expect out of a 10 month old pup.

Peanut has been at the shelter since around his 4th month of life. He will need some training, including potty, due to this. He did sit when I asked him to. He LOVES to be scratched...his face when you find the sweet spot is hilarious as you can see from the photo below. In a nutshell (PUN INTENDED), Peanut is going to make someone a FANTASTIC valentine. Without doubt. It was a joy to watch him gallop and play with his bestie.

One thing that I found hilarious....he doen't like cameras. At all. When I put my camera down he would immediately come to me for love. When it was in my hand he would look at it like it was going to steal his soul! His personality makes all of us smile!

Love and Licks,

The brunette

PS- as always, please note that these are opinions. Please go to the shelter and meet Peanut to form your own. I am not a professional ANYTHING!

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