November 26, 2017

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Why (buy) the PINK box?

January 1, 2017

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Mr. January 2018- Meet Hank

January 1, 2018

First of all-----YAPPY NEW YEAR!


One of the BARKtastic things that's entering its 2nd year here at 2 Besties is THIS!


Henceforth, since December of 2016 until FURever, we will be sponsoring a "dog-o-the-month" from The Northeast Missouri Humane Society.

What does this mean?  It means that we bring you photos, info and insight on the dog that has been chosen by the Humane Society Staff.  Maybe the pup was chosen because they have been there the longest, are the coolest, have the best kisses or the wettest nose.....WHO KNOWS!

Why?  Well, because we love dogs.  We know the Northeast Missouri Humane Society is a great place.  We want other people who love dogs to have the chance to knowledgeably adopt.  And....we love dogs.  Oh, and we wanted to reward the humans that adopt.  That, too.  If YOU adopt the 2 Besties Sponsored Dog-O-the-Month you will receive FREE biscuits (you have to message us to remind us of your winnings!) as a THANK YOU for being such a good human (we said that last part in baby talk). 

Is your tail wagging?  OURS ARE!


SOOOOOOOOOOO- MEET HANK!  Our handsome Mr. January.  The NEW YEARS BABY, if you will!


 Hank is a 3 year old Chocolate Lab Mix that has called the Northeast Missouri Humane Society his home since May 9, 2017. 


Even though it was super duper chilly during his photo shoot, we were able to snap some pics that sum Hank up PURfectly (speaking of PUR...Hank is not a fan of cats). 

Our stately Mr. January is a rugged player with a soft spot for humans!

He is an active boy.  He reminds me of a sports playing teenager that's also a mamma's boy.   He's running and jumping and spinning one moments and sitting in your lap the next.  This guy has a loving heart (as long as you're not a cat as mentioned above).


Hank would be an exceptional member of anyone's family, however, it is apparent where he would immediately feel at home.  He longs for a place to run.  A farm or a home with a big fenced in yard would be utopia for this jock.  If he could speak, I think he would tell you that his potential new mom or dad needs to be strong minded like he is.  No push over is going to be able to handle sweet Hank.  He is a manly-man.  Like I see him sitting with a cigar in his claws watching football on Sundays.  Hank is also a TANK!  I have three huge dogs  and can vouch for the fact that Hank is one beefy dude.  He could be an inside dog if someone had the patience to work with him.  He has never known his home to be indoors so