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How Our Customers Saved Ben

On a crisp November morning we received a text message from the NEMOHS.

"We have a dog with heart worms."


November is when we would normally be headed to purchase third quarter supplies for the Northeast Missouri Humane Society. Supplies that are paid for by the 20% of your every purchase from us. We were running behind (because LIFE) and had not reached the store yet. This is where we tell you that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. And it's true. Sometimes it doesn't make sense....but it holds true.

Ben needs us.

There was zero thought put into what must happen on our end. Ben needed us. He needed the money that would save his life. The staff at NEMOHS was not going to allow the heart worms to win and neither were we. We did not have the full amount required to treat him at the vet. We were not going to ask people to give again. Not after having just done so to save another dog from heart worms not long before Ben was diagnosed.

So what now?

First let us speak of Ben. He is a handsome eight year old white husky mix that, due to hardships in his family, ended up at the shelter. He had a great family that had cared for him since he was a pup. The sparkle in his eyes even when he was very sick was spectacular. Ben wanted to live and be a part of a family. Ben wanted to frolic in someone's yard and cuddle with them on the couch. We could see it in his eyes even when we visited him at the vet clinic.

He was not unwanted. He was not a problem. He was not at fault.

What Ben WAS and IS.......lucky (first and foremost), sweet, loving, obedient, lively and maybe a little scared. Sometimes in life we stumble as humans. We fall into a hole that we cannot climb out of fast enough to save the ones we love. All we can hope is that there are other humans there to pick up where we left off. Then we work on ourselves. The Northeast Missouri Humane Society has picked up where Ben's family left off. He is warm, safe and loved. Even more than that, his heart worms were detected by the staff members. The staff at NEMOHS doesn't just feed the animals. They CARE for them. They monitor them to preserve their well-being. It's not a job, it's who they are. We know this because we witness it first hand. We see it with our own eyes. Ben's story could have been a sad one.

But it is going to be a HAPPY one!

Back to the "what now?"...........what do we do to raise the money to save Ben? We were gearing up for Pup Pics with Santa. That money had already been promised for food and cat litter. We had just come off the high of GIVING TUESDAY. But that money won't be here from Facebook until February. So we did the only logical thing we could think of. We baked our buns off and launched the Tumbler line we have been discussing for months. WE ARE ALL IN AT THIS POINT!

Ben's heart is our priority.

So here we are. And guess what. BEN IS HAPPILY CONTINUING HIS HEART WORM TREATMENTS. If you ask him, he will tell you (he's a talker).

SURPRISE! Right?!?!? I mean there are shelters that would not have vetted an animal for heart worms due to expense. Shelters that would not ask for help to save an animal because constantly asking people to GIVE takes away from their "food campaigns". There are shelters that would not have even thought twice about euthanizing this dog.

We are fortunate to have a shelter in our community that SAVES THE LIVES of as many animals as possible. They find a way to save them. There are times when no amount of money will save a life. But there are times when $500 is all it takes.

Beware of naysayers. Learn the facts for yourself. We did. That is why we are proud to be a part of such a great shelter. A shelter that holds an uprising of happy beginnings. We are proud to tell you that you have helped to feed and maybe even save a life every single time you make a purchase from us. You should be proud of what you have done. In fact, we think you should shout it from the rooftops! Those hilarious tumblers you are drinking out of right now are what brought us to the last penny we needed to pay for Ben's vet bill. WOOF!

Now Ben is gently playing and smiling again. So after all that, the best we can do is say BLESS YOUR HEARTS. Every single day since October 16, 2016 we have felt blessed to have all of you mammals as a part of our extended pack. I mean it doesn't get much better than this. If Ben hasn't given you warm fuzzies then you might want to get that checked. THANK YOU, BESTIES BUDDIES! Just thank you........

Happy Hugs and Loving Licks to you all,

The brunette and The blonde

PS- As a side note, the last heart worm positive pup was saved. Our Bestie Buddies banned together via our website to donate for her vet treatments. Thanks to our Bestie Buddies, even though she was in later stages, she LIVED and has been adopted into an amazing family where she smiles a lot.

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