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What I Have Won't Make a Difference- NOT TRUE!

Day after day we, as humans, are inundated with pleas for help. My cousin is having a benefit. Please help us raise money for cancer awareness. Give to the United Way. The Red Cross needs you. Donate to St. Jude's. Come to our childhood cancer benefit. Our shelter needs dog food. I want your money on GO FUND me to start an under water basket weaving project because I'm too lazy to get a real job. I don't get the last one........I DO get all of the others. All of them and so many more. This is where you have a choice to make. THIS is where you often hear others say "what I have won't make a difference". WELL THAT JUST ISN'T EVEN TRUE!

Our very first fundraiser as 2 Besties Biscuits was based on the most basic of basics. If 400 people give just $1 we can raise enough money for a whole pallet of dog food for our local shelter. Guess what- it happened. $375 later we were unloading a pallet of food at NEMOHS.

Here are some fun facts:

$1: Feeds 1 dog for 1 day

$5: Buys a toy for a cat or dog

$15: Provides 4 puppies three meals a day for an entire week

$25: Buys one week of milk for a litter of kittens

$50: Vaccinates a litter of puppies

$125: Provides basic medical care for one dog or cat (spay/neuter, vaccines)

$300: Saves the life of one dog or cat (shelter, food, basic medical and daily care)

$400: Buys 1120 pounds of dog food or 704 pounds of cat food

$500: Provides basic medical care for a litter of puppies or kittens

Most animal shelters operate using donations from the community. Often, the resources don’t even come close to the amount of need faced. Though many elements figure into the existence of pet shelters, it is often irresponsible owners that cause the majority of the need for animal shelters and rescues. Unfortunately, while pet shelter donations are something that many people think about, they rarely follow through. There are many things you can do to aid your local animal shelter aside from handing them money. Your time or items that can be used make a huge difference in the lives of many animals.

Every single one of us has some junk lying around our house that the shelter may make use of. They don't want your hold off on that. But one man's trash truly IS another man's treasure at the shelter. I had a camera that I donated for intake photos that I don't use anymore. Maybe you have a case of copier paper, some blankets or even pet toys that aren't being used. That kind of trash is a treasure to the shelter. You know what else is a treasure? YOUR SKILLS! Recently the Hannibal Board of Public Works visited the shelter. They cleaned up, painted, cut tree was fantastic! Speaking of skills. If the shelter could get a photographer a month to donate their time to taking photos of adoptable animals the adoption rates would soar! Seriously- it is SO TRUE!

In the comfort of your own home you can be helpful. You can help spread the word when an animal needs a home. Every time you share a post from our page or the shelter's page, you get the word out to someone who may not know of the shelter. Someone that may be in search of a new pet. YOU, quite possibly, find an animal a forever home.

NOW.......Let me tell you what isn't helpful, speaking of social media. It is not helpful when you go to the shelter, take a bunch of photos of the animals without asking and then post them to social media. I know you mean well. I do. Why is this not ok, you ask? Well, because if you did not ask then you may be posting an animal that is adopted. You may also be posting an animal that has an owner coming for them. Human's pets get loose every day. Often they come to the shelter until their mom or dad can come pick them up. It is a service the shelter provides the community. I can only imagine the look on MY face if I saw my dog posted on social media as "available to adopt at the local shelter" when I knew I had just spoken with the shelter about pick up tomorrow. I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SLEEP, PEOPLE!! So please be courteous. The shelter needs your help to distribute information. We, along with the shelter, are nothing without you. But for the sake of the animals and the staff, please ask permission to post animals. Anything else sets the shelter back rather than helping them progress. A day that should be spent caring for the animals is, instead, spent fielding questions about animals that are not adoptable. Not cool. Sorry....I strayed from the subject at hand.

I'll wrap it up. But not before I tell you about one of my FAVORITE ways to donate. And it's not even YOUR money (even better). Shelter supplies in lieu of birthday gifts. YAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! It's a WIN-WIN! I don't have to receive a bunch of junk I will never use because it will just sit in the bag it was presented in and the shelter gets some GOODS!

In short, there a million ways to GIVE to any organization. If you have it in your heart to help, then you will find a way.

Warm Winter Wags and Grandiose Giving,

The brunette

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