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Mister December X 2: Meet Rupert & Robbie

Sooooooooooooo......we brought you Miss December. She got adopted in 2 days. YAAAAAAY!

Then we were's Christmas......let's do a MISTER DECEMBER now! Annnnnnnd then the shelter staff was like.......TAKE THESE BROTHERS! Then we were like.....YES!

Rupert and Robbie are Holly's pups. If you do not know Holly she is the dog that had heart worms really bad. We raised money to save her (thanks again for that!) and she is doing amazing. Holly is also available for adoption at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society. She is a turtle DOVE! In case you missed it, here is the back story:

Holly was found in the woods caring for her newborn pups. It is assumed that she gave birth to them in the woods and cared for them for about 2 months all on her own. That's super mom status if you ask us! One fine day she decided to allow some humans to assist her with her babies. It took a while before she trusted said humans. Thank goodness they brought Holly and her pups to the shelter. If those awesome humans had not done so, Holly wouldn't have made it (her heart worms were advanced). If Holly didn't make it, her pups wouldn't have survived either. Magically and by the grace of God, our super mom, Holly, and her pups are all perfect! Rupert and Robbie are the last two left looking for their new family to take them HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

RUPERT! I cannot tell you a lie- RUPERT AND I ARE BUDS! I fell in love with him at first glance when he was just a tiny little man. Now he is 6 months old. I call him a Terrier/Lab mix because he looks more like a Terrier (like his mommy). He is wire-haired and happy and playful and loving and I WANT TO KEEP HIM.....but I I want him to go to THE BEST HOME EVEEEEEEER! Seriously though- he is a fantastic! This magical little man is lucky to be alive. He and his brother truly are Christmas miracles (along with his mom and other siblings). Rupert was difficult to photograph because he spent most of his time at my side. He is extremely loyal at a very young age. He like long walks, toys, kisses and love.

Robbie is equally as great as his brother but his personality is different (as with most siblings). I call him a Lab/Terrier Mix because he just looks like a Lab with long hair. Robbie's eyes tell a story every time you look at him. He is spunky and I am certain that if he could speak he would tell you how it IS (which makes me adore him even more). Robbie LOVES to play and run. Eventually he will chill and let you pet him. Unlike his brother, he wants to play first and then get some love. I feel like Robbie would be a great guard dog. He seems like the "type" (like he would be a bouncer if he were a human). You know how sometimes that big, burly guys are actually super sweet? THAT'S ROBBIE!! Only he isn't a big boy yet.

To sum up the brother's December.......they are 6 month old puppies. Yep, that sums it up. WE BEG OF YOU, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY FOR A PUPPY IN YOUR HOME BEFORE YOU EVEN CONSIDER ADOPTING EITHER OF THEM. They are just babies. They need to be potty and leash trained by someone with the time and patience to do so. They have never known a home other than the shelter which means they are not socialized in any way. BUT, they are GREAT with kids. While I know they would be happy with someone single or a couple, I can see them as part of a family with children as well. Children that would play with them and hug them bunches (I'm getting excited just thinking about it!!!!). One more thing: they are shy. If you go visit them please spend some time with them because they will warm up to you (that's part of the socialization thing).

There it is. I could go on and on but I will leave you with this:

If you choose to adopt either of these furbabies into your home I wish you joy! Pure BLISS! Because that is how I feel every single time I am with them.....joyful!

Christmas Cheer and Holiday Hugs,

The Brunette

PS- as always please know that these are my opinions mixed with info from the shelter. Every dog is different around every human. Please form your own opinions of them.

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