Miss December: MEET DOLLY

We cannot believe it has been a year! A year since we started our mission to find a loving home every month for at least one dog at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society. Thus far we are 11 for 11. And that is because of humans like you. Much love to you for that!

That brings us to Miss December. Where to begin..........the NEMOHS facts first, we guess.

Dolly is a 9 month old Terrier Mix. She probably won't get much bigger than she is right now which puts her at a medium sized dog. She, sadly, entered the shelter as a stray when she was only 5 months old. She has known no family other than the humans who care for her daily at the shelter.

Yet that does not keep her from being, quite possibly, the most extraordinary female pup we have featured as our dog of the month.

Dolly is a smiler. She is energetic and brilliant. Nothing deters her from a mission...not even a woman with a camera in her face (as you will see from her photos on our Facebook page). She found a tree branch that looked interesting, dragged it to the back of the run and commenced to dismantling it. FREE TOY! She was content to sit in my lap or play with her tree branch the entire two hours I spent with her.

As if that weren't enough, for a puppy she minds well. Here is a dog that has never been taught commands. Yet when I told her to sit, she did. When I patted the ground, she laid down. So she's not just a pretty face. My observation of her is that she bonds easier with women than men. Nothing against men- she loved playing with one of the male staff members. However, I noticed that even when he was around she stuck close to me.

Dolly would make a great addition to just about any family. She would do well with someone that was single, a couple or a whole family. Please, as always, take any adoption of a new family member very seriously. Also remember that Dolly is a PUPPY. She will need to be trained (potty and commands). She needs a home where she will be loved on tons and learn to grow. It would be a disservice to her if she were adopted into a home where she could not play and run or would be crated for long periods of time.

If you know that you would provide an exceptional home for our beautiful Miss December please contact the Northeast Missouri Humane Society. She is looking for a FURever HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Holiday Howls and Joyful Jowls,

The brunette

PS- please keep in mind that these are my opinions of this particular dog. Your opinions or observations of her may not match mine. I am not a professional anything. We are just here to find some pups the loving homes that they deserve. Happy tails to you!

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