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Our Humble Craft

Small Business- it's where it's at (in our opinion).

First let us apologize for not blogging for almost two months. Busy is good...we love it. But our blogging has suffered and you have brought it to our attention. So what better blog to get back into the swing of things than one about our humble craft: SMALL BUSINESS.

Learn how spending your holiday dollars at small businesses this year ensures the livelihood of communities, the creation of meaningful jobs, the support of makers, and the preservation of traditional production methods. Why? Because I know I can find awesome lone gifts while also supporting the hard work of small business owners. Win - win. And you know we LOVE us a good win-win!

Generally when you run into a small business owner you will find that they are doers. Or they should be. They love what they do. Or they should. They do not consider what they do to be work. It is more a joy or goal in life. Doggedly (I love that word) we humble crafted humans strive to better the lives of our customers and clients. In fact, we can't get enough of it. No really. It's true. We know this because we witnessed those lifestyles unfold in our own families. Specifically, our parents. So, we 2 Besties, are blessed. Without observing others we would have thought that everyone lived that life. That is not true. However, here in Hannibal, you will find a ton of humans just like our parents.


Back to "doggedly". Small business owners do and make and deliver goods and services despite any uncertainty because it is WHO THEY ARE. Generally you are not a small business owner out of need but rather want. We are fortunate in this day and age to be able to easily start up a small business and market it as such on social media. It has never been easier to be a small business owner than it is right now. If your "WHY" is genuine and true and your heart is totally in what you do, the sky is truly the limit.

“Choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect; it’s acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing.”

- Matt Kliegman, co-founder The Smile, The Smile To Go, Black Seed Bagels, via Forbes

Shopping small will almost always provide a better customer experience over the big box and chain. Here you are given more personalized service and unique products. Here you are like "Norm"....everyone knows your name. Giving your dollars to independent businesses has benefits beyond your own experience. It is an investment in a community.....a dream.

Small business endurance ensures the livelihood of communities and meaningful jobs. They support the makers, and the preservation of ancestral production methods.

When you shop small in community mom and pops or in independent boutiques in larger cities, your dollars stay in the community, and help local development. The same is true from a B2B perspective—say, in the case of restaurants buying ingredients from local producers—building symbiotic relationships that help the whole business community thrive. We are fortunate to be B2C and B2B. Both of which we love with every fiber of our being. I mean......Did you know that small businesses return three times as much money per dollar back to the local community than their chain counterparts? I'm sorry but that is cannot deny that. Small business is the heart and soul of every community that it touches.

For US it's about a better experience. We want our PUPstomers and their humans to know us and our WHY. We want you to know that YOU are the reason that we delivered over 7,000 meals to the dogs at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society in 2017.


So visit local retail shops. We know that you cannot find everything you need or want there. But start there. Give it try. In fact, we hope to see you in historic downtown Hannibal on Small Business Saturday (November 25, 2017) shopping small FIRST.

Sincere Smiles and Heart-warming Hugs,

The brunette (and the blonde, too)


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