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Most of you know that every month we bring you a dog of the month from the Northeast Missouri Humane Society in the hopes of finding that pup his or her PEOPLE! This month is no different. We bring you adorable Dewey. He actually is just a pup.

Dewey is a 7 month old lab/hound mix. He has never known a home aside from the shelter. He has never know a family aside from the shelter employees (you know...the ones that adore him!). For these reasons alone, Mr. October needs to find his FURever home.

I spent an hour with Dewey and his brothers. He is very well-behaved and laid back. He is a pup so he does love to play and run. But he also loves to chill (as you will see from his photos).

Dewey's brothers have been adopted, leaving him as the last of his siblings. Please share this blog or his posts on our social media. The more you share and the more people that follow us on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat and pinterest, the quicker we find homes for these amazing dogs.

Back to Dewey.

Please be sure that you are ready to adopt a new family member. PLEASE be certain that you are ready for a puppy. Stop by the shelter and spend some time with him to make an educated decision. He will win your heart- I am 100% sure of that. As far as we know he gets along well with other animals as he has never shown otherwise. He knows how to sit for sure. Every time I told him to sit he did so. I believe that Dewey will be easily trained because he is super smart (and a little nerdy....I think he would like for you to read to him but, you know......if you don't I am sure he would forgive you).

So that's Dewey on a nutshell. He is just a sweet puppy looking for his person. I think he would be a great family dog or a trusty sidekick.

Puppy Love to you all,

The Brunette

~~as always keep in mind that I am not a professional anything (except biscuit maker). You should form your own opinions and ask the pros any questions you may have.

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