November 26, 2017

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January 1, 2017

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$4,250 to the shelter (because of you)

August 21, 2017 read that correctly.  $4,250.00 was given, in total, to the Northeast Missouri Humane Society.  WHY?  Because of YOU.  Every share of our posts or those of the NEMOHS (Bathe to Save related or not).  Every purchase of our biscuits.  Every referral.  Every smiling face that showed up to the event.  Every person that volunteered or helped plan.  Every dog that was washed, trimmed or massaged.  All of it.




The Amos family presented the shelter with a HUGE check (no, really, it was huge.....I love huge checks....reminds me of the Price is Right when I was a kid).  Anyhoo- that check was for $2838.00.  That check with the addition of all the vendor donations, sponsors, random giving, etc equates to a whopping $4,250.00 in total.  WOW, right?!?!



We are sad the event is over.  Like, when we were planning this we never thought we would be so emotional (yes, we both cried when Hannibal beat the record of number of dogs washed).  We were excited for months prior to the actual event but we just thought it would be like any other event....oh, that was's over...moving on.  We never thought that we would be SAD when it came to a close.  But we are.  For so many reasons.  One of them is that the Amos family is fantastic- we fell in love with them.  If you had the pleasure of meeting them you understand.


Sadness over such a thing seems weird, we know.  This may be a poor comparison if you have never been to Disney World (you should go, by the way).  We are going to tell you anyway.......we are ALMOST as sad as we are on the last day of a Disney vacation.  If you know us at all then you know what this means! We had an overabundance of joyous FUN the day of the event.  So it means THAT.  But it also means that next year we have to do something just as WAGtastic (I always have to outdo myself...I'm a freak...I don't even have an excuse for it.....I just feel like you can't half-a%* the next big "thing"....and, let's be honest, I love a challenge).  We may never find anything as awesome as Bathe to Save.  But we will try.


We like to create a visual.  We think a good mental pic is the best way to get th