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WHERE are you?!?

Have we failed you? Have we veered from our original plan? What is happening at 2 Besties Biscuits?

The answers are: maybe, yes and no & you just have NO idea!

When we started this adventure to raise money for the Northeast Missouri Humane Society we had no idea how quickly it would take off. It was like one of those plastic bags you see flailing around on the highway every time a car passes it. Only less graceful. We both have kids, dogs, jobs, families, friends (other than the 2 of us), meetings and,

So, in the beginning, 2 Besties Biscuits was to be something we randomly did on random weekends for fun. That lasted for about 2 months. Yes, 2 months. Shortly after our PUPstomers deciding to love us and support our efforts to give to the shelter we (crazily....if that's a word) decided to launch what we hoped would be an annual fundraiser (and it IS) named OPERATION: Feed the Furballs. We were baking EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY and sometimes during the week. Whew.

Cut to today:

We have regular customers. We have new customers. We take orders via email, phone, text and any form of Facebook and Instagram. We even have customers SNAP us orders (which we LOVE!). So yes, we have veered from our regular plan. Why? Because we didn't have a lengthy plan. We live in the NOW. When I get an idea, I go with it. It's who I am.

Why aren't we at the Farmer's Market every weekend? Why didn't we do that event? We have failed you there. It's true. Our intention was to be at the Farmer's Market EVERY weekend. As summer progressed we realized it wasn't happening. Why? Because we refuse to lose our love of this. We refuse to make 2 Besties a "job". 2 Besties is our FUN. We also refuse to lose FAMILY TIME. It is precious to both of us. Now sometimes we enlist our families to help with 2 Besties....but sometimes we just need to be with them. Oh...and also because I am a control freak. That's part of it, too. NOTHING is happening without ME THERE (my gram calls that one of my "quirks").

What does this mean for the future of 2 Besties Biscuits? It means that we will ALWAYS get your biscuit orders to you in a timely manner. We PROMISE! It also means that you aren't going to find us at every single event in the tri-state area. GASP! We know. We cannot do it all. We initially thought we could. Some far away day we may. For now, we are still turning out a grandiose amount of biscuits each month for various events and PUPstomers.

To date we have hand-cut (whether for sale, donation or freebies) 12,985 biscuits.

12,985 biscuits


Was all of that fun? HECK YES IT WAS!

Please know that your suggestions and comments are as welcome as a bowl of water during a heat index of 172 degrees. We love to hear from the humans. If you aren't happy with something we are doing or you have questions we implore you to come to us. We want to make the mammals happy (although we realize that sometimes that is impossible, we strive for it regardless). Our goal is happy mammals, human & canine alike. Without YOU we are just 2 Besties baking dog biscuits for the shelter dogs....and that cannot live on biscuits alone! Every pink box (or cello bag) you buy GIVES them food and supplies (even the cats now- we had lots of judgy-eyed cat people at first asking why we weren't helping the cats...we don't make cat treats so we didn't really think about it...WE ARE SORRY). Anyhoo- all of this makes YOU an intricate part of this operation! You are the water to our bowl, the peanut to our butter, the drool to our jowls (ok that was too far)......

As far as what's happening around 2 Besties headquarters...... BISCUIT BAKING, A POSSIBLE NEW RECIPE, RANDOM EVENTS, SHELTER DOGS OF THE MONTHS, HOMEWARD BOUND WAGGIN FUNDRAISER, WE HAVE BATHE TO SAVE COMING TO HANNIBAL (huge deal), NEMOHS ANNUAL FUNDRAISER EVENT PREP, OUR 1ST BIRTHDAY, LIFE & FAMILY. That's the summary. "& FAMILY". Nothing ever comes before them. We make no apologies for that. We are like sisters and our families are important to us. Hers to me, mine to her. Ying/Yang, as always with us.

We hope this answers the questions. If you are out and about you can purchase biscuits at the following local establishments:

Mark Twain Dinette, Ole Planters Restaurant, Finn's Food & Spirits, Mississippi Marketplace, Farm & Home, Chocolaterie Stam, & Mark Twain Riverboat. If you buy the last bag or box give us shout so we can restock them ASAP! If they are out, let us know and we will personally deliver some to you if you are in Hannibal.

Lastly. THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of shopping for food and supplies for the shelter. Thank you for being members of our miscellaneous social media pages and sharing and tagging and commenting. Thank you for helping us find homes for our shelter dogs of the various months of the year. Thank you for assisting us in happily giving. Thank you for loving dogs as much as we do. Thank you for sharing in the FUN.

Happy Biscuit Vibes,

The brunette (and the blonde, too, on this one)

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