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Miss July- Meet Pixie

Monthly we have the honor of spending time with a pup at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society that we call our dog-o-the-month. This month was no different. Meet sweet Pixie. Share her with your friends. Possibly invite her into your home as a new family member. She is one of many dogs at the shelter waiting for their "people".

Pixie is a 2 year old Puggle mix. She loves attention and playing. It's funny because she would rather spend time with a human than play with a toy. She is a very mild mannered girl. While she would be great for any home, she is partial to men. If you have seen her photos you will notice that she is in a shelter employees arms most of the time giving him kisses or sitting on his lap. We assume she must have been a man's pet in her previous life. Her life at the shelter does not limit her love though! She loved on me and a female shelter worker as well.

She's a LOVER!

Pixie is a small/medium sized dog (again, I am a horrible judge of dog size because my dogs are huge). She does well with dogs her size or smaller but she seems to be intimidated by dogs larger than her. If you are thinking of adding her to your family and you have a dog already, it would be a great idea to have them meet one another before adopting. You are also going to want to make sure that you can give a good belly rub! Those are her fav!

During my time with Pixie I noticed her loyalty. She faithfully followed her favorite shelter worker around everywhere. She also seemed to listen to and follow commands well. Her personality shines. She is very sweet and has such an innocent face.

Pixie is elated about meeting her new family....... She anxiously awaits your visit. If she could talk I think she would encourage you to visit the shelter and spend some time with her!

Wags and Well Wishes for a Happy & Safe July,

The brunette

Please know that these are observations formed from my own opinions during my visit with Pixie. Always contact the shelter for more details or visit to form your own opinions. Every dog is different with every person it encounters just as people are.

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