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Fido and Fireworks (they aren't friends)

The sound of a balloon popping probably startles you....and your dog....right? Imagine feeling that exact feeling over and over and over again through 30 minutes worth of holiday fireworks. Doesn't sound like much fun, does it?

I don't know about you but one of my dogs is seriously freaked out by noises in general. Especially if they are loud and abrupt (loud noises actually make me angry but that's a WHOLE different blog- but I love fireworks- I'm a weirdo). So when firework time rolls around in this little town, I am on high alert to keep my sweet boy from being anxious (the other two dogs are are more bothered by the fact that Krava is bothered than they are by the sounds).


Why? They are afraid.

How do you help your dogs feel less anxious during the 4th of July festivities?

There are several things that seem to be helpful and some that I have not tried.

1. Keep your dog inside during fireworks (for obvious reasons).

2. Provide them with a safe place inside. A place where they find comfort. Maybe it's your lap or their kennel.

3. Keep the drapes or shades closed so that there is no visual stimulation to associate with the sounds.

4. Give them an interactive toy during the fireworks (i.e. kong frozen with yogurt or a stuffable toy full of 2 Besties Biscuits **shameless plug**).

5. Exercise your dog during the day prior to the fireworks. They will have less pent up energy to spend chasing sounds this way.

6. A canine wrap. Follow us on Pinterest for some inexpensive tips on making your own at home!

7. Essential oils. They are rubbed into your hands and then onto your dog's paw. We suggest speaking with your vet or an essential oils rep prior to using this method.

We hope this helps you and your furry bestie during this loud holiday. Please enjoy and have a safe one!

Brightly muted booms & Gleeful sounding colors,

The brunette

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