Mr. January-Kenley

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(Insert royal brass trumpeters)

First of all-----YAPPY NEW YEAR!

One of the BARKtastic things that's new and exciting here at 2 Besties is THIS!

Henceforth, from now until FURever, we will be sponsoring a "dog-o-the-month" from The Northeast Missouri Humane Society.

What does this mean? It means that we bring you photos, info and insight on the dog that has been chosen by the Humane Society workers. Maybe the pup was chosen because they have been there the longest, are the coolest, have the best kisses or the wettest nose.....WHO KNOWS!


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Why? Well, because we love dogs. We think the Humane Society is a great thing. We want other people who love dogs to have the chance to knowledgeably adopt. And....we love dogs. Oh, and we wanted to reward the humans that adopt. That, too. If YOU adopt the 2 Besties Sponsored Dog-O-the-Month you will receive 3 months of our biscuits as a THANK YOU for being such a good human (we said that in baby talk). Is your tail wagging? OURS ARE!

So meet Kenley. He is a Shepherd/Hound Mix. He loves Kids, dogs and cats. He also LOVES to run so he needs to go to a home where he is able to do that. He is 3-4 years old, Neutered and his shots are up to date.


StartFragment x-tinymce/html We visited for about an hour and a half with Kenley during his photo shoot. This is what we observed of him. He L-O-V-E-S to RUN! No doubts there. He had the happiest expression on his face when he was running. He is very alert and agile. A spirited fellow, if you will. He is a lover, too. I was lucky enough to be showered with his kisses the entire time I was with him. He would be running full speed and then stop on a dime right in front of me to give me some love. He has some pretty great smooches. He listened well during the time I was with him. He loves to run....did I mention that? He MUST go to a home where he is able to frolic and jog his merry heart out. That is super important.EndFragment

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If you have further questions about Kenley please contact the NEMO Humane Society at 573-221-9222. FOR MORE PICS OF MR. JANUARY, GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (@2BESTIESBISCUITS) on or after 1/1/17. There will also be some on instagram and Twitter.

We BEG of you, please do not adopt a dog unless you are sure you are able to care for him or her. Please.

Wags and Well Wishes for the New Year,

The brunette

Please note that I am not a professional ANYTHING. What you have read are facts from the Humane Society mixed in with my observations and opinions. Thanks for reading our Daily Sniff Dog Blog. We apPAWciate it!


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