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Mr. June- Meet Scooter


In case you are a new member of the 2 Besties Nation, we feature a super adoptable dog from the Northeast Missouri Humane Society every month. Our goal is to increase the adoption rate at our local shelter. By following us and sharing our blogs and post, you are helping these pups find a FURever home. Every single share puts us one step closer to finding the right people for each pooch. So WE THANK YOU!

AS OF TODAY, WE ARE 5 FOR 5 ON ADOPTIONS IN REGARDS TO OUR DOG OF THE MONTH! That's because of YOU! Let's make it 6 for 6 with this new guy.

This month's dog-o-the-month is a handsome, loving Rottweiler/Hound mix named Scooter. He is about 2 years old, kennel trained (that's a huge deal), neutered and up to date on his shots. SCOOTER NEEDS A HOME WITH A FENCED IN YARD. It is important that he have a dedicated space to run and play outside. Thus far, Scooter has been friendly to even the angriest of cats and all of the dogs he has interacted with at the shelter.

Let me start by informing you that for about an hour it looked like WE were going to be leaving the shelter with both Scooter AND Mr. May. The kids fell in love with both of them. Which, quite honestly, is what happens almost every time I enter the gate of the shelter. As a family, we may not have been cut out for this. BUT....we love it.

Scooter is a VERY well-behaved dog.

Our Mr. June cannot deny his roots. He looks like a Rottweiler and behaves like a hound (bark and all!). He was described as energetic in his shelter bio, however, we did not notice that to be the case. Scooter doesn't miss a beat but he was not super active in the couple of hours we were there. He ran around in the yard but most of his time was spent near the teenagers getting some love. When he was being "energetic" it was the result of a tug-of-war game with the boy who was determined we were leaving with Scooter that day.

Scooter LOVES toys.

From my observations of Scooter, he is a toy lover. We did not play fetch with him, however, I have to assume he would have loved that. He had a grand time with the rope toy.....chewing and playing tug-of-war. I interacted less with this pup of the month than usual because the kids were there. It was nice to just photograph and observe.

Mr. June has great mannerisms.

Scooter did not have to be told to "sit" when presented with a situation that called for such. I would guess that he knows most general commands. If he does not, he will learn quickly. This guy is intelligent. I cannot confirm that he is good with small children but I can tell you for certain that he LOVED the teenagers. At one point they sat down on the ground with Scooter and it appeared as though he was actually comprehending the words coming from their mouths. ADORABLENESS! That's what it was.

Please feel free to call the Northeast Missouri Humane Society with any questions you may have regarding Scooter or other animals that may be available for adoption at the shelter. If you have an interest in Scooter, we encourage you to visit the humane society and spend some quality time with him. He's a diamond in the rough!

Wags and Well Wishes for a Happy, Safe Summer,

The brunette

Please know that these are observations formed from my own opinions during my visit with Scooter. Always contact the shelter for more details or visit to form your own opinions. Every dog is different with every person it encounters just as people are.

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