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Fido & Festivals

The kids keep asking me if they can take our Great Dane (the most mild mannered of our dogs) to our booth at Twain on Main this weekend. So BINGO- I have a blog!

Every single festival or street fair we attend or participate in leaves me mammal watching. Humans with less clothing than should be allowed in public and always a canine that looks as scared as I do when I see a snake. Don't get me wrong, some dogs are totally fine in public. However, others are scared, aggressive (towards humans or other dogs)....HOT...the list of emotions goes on.


That's all I'm asking here. The truth is that dogs are animals and, as such, can be unpredictable. You may have the sweetest, most docile dog in the whole world. One day that dog may surprise you by biting a friend, family member or even a stranger's child. If you know your dog well enough to know that they will more than likely be perfectly content to be at a crowded festival then I say GO FOR IT. If you are uncertain, please leave your pup at home. You are saving everyone the heart break of something terrible happening. Just as you cannot completely predict the actions of a human, you cannot that of a canine. It falls into the "s#@t happens" category of life.


If you feel as though your dog is going to be comfortable in a crowd of people when it is 2,000 degrees outside then I serve up this challenge. Go borrow Aunt Bertha's fur coat from 1926 and take yourself outside for 5 minutes in said temps. Sweating your lips off, aren't you? There you have it. If you think your dog would be much happier sleeping at home while you're out having're right. If you choose to lug your dog to a festival, PLEASE take water for them and be prepared to leave if they seem on edge.


As a pup parent it is your responsibility to make the best choices possible for them (not YOU....THEM). If you take your fur-baby in public please keep them protected from the elements of a festival that may harm them (aggressive humans, other dogs, human food or trash on the ground, hot pavement, kids' with dumb get the picture). Please also attend prepared (like you have a baby!). Feed your dog prior to the event so that they aren't scrounging for food while there. Pick up after your dog (no lazy, disrespectful humans should be allowed to take a dog in public). Whilst walking down, what should be a clean street or sidewalk, I love to see or step in poop during my consumption of the big honkin' turkey leg that I've been longing for all year (said NO ONE EVER). Festival RUINED- longed for turkey leg in trash. GUH! Now I'm mad. Moving on.....DOGS ON LEASHES. That's super important. Carry your dog if you must but have him/her also on a leash. It's called smart parenting. I've seen people with their friggin' KID ON A LEASH while the dog is walking next to them sans leash. Let's be practical here. Or, better yet, let's just not be total buffoons. Dog on leash- kid walking next to you, lazy.

Ok, well, I think I'm done here. Hope to see you at Twain on Main this weekend. Promise not to judge (out loud) if your dog is with you and he or she looks scared out of their gourd. Again, I say- I know lots of people that have pups that can be in any given public scenario. I am only asking you to know and care for your dog. That is all. Oh, and put some clothes on. I am asking that as well. If I can see your butt cheeks or your belly button I just feel like it's too much (unless we are near that liquid we swim in, then it makes total sense).


Clothe the one you're with,

The brunette

PS- taking a toy for your dog might be nice if you plan to stop to relax or talk. Keeps them entertained.

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