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Mr. May- Meet Teddy

StartFragmentWe cannot believe that April is over. We also cannot believe that Miss April was adopted in only 4 days!! High Five, Bestie Nation! Every single time you "like" or share our posts (of any kind) OR suggest our page to friends, you are broadening our page members. Ya know what that means? When our dog-o-the-month debut rolls back around there are even more humans to help us find that pup a FURever home! Awesome, right?EndFragment


All of this brings us to our sweet Mr. May. Teddy!!

Let me start by saying that Teddy reminds me of the blonde bestie's childhood dog, Cottonball. Except Cottonball was small...and white....and a girl......but aside from all of that I seriously think that Cottonball has come back to us as Teddy. I really need to read that book (A Dog's Purpose) but I can't read while I'm CRYING so I'm just not even going to try. Teddy reminds me of Cottonball because he is semi-dopey, smart, playful and fun. He truly enjoys playtime just as much as cuddles. I know this because he would be running 100mph towards me and then jump into my lap for 30 seconds of cuddles. I may have gotten more cuddles had there not been water falling from the sky. Rain is like pennies from heaven to this pup!


So TEDDY! Before I go into my "info paragraph" I just want you to know that HE cracks me UP! He L-O-V-E-S the water (refer back to the "pennies from heaven" reference). Which made it fitting that his photo shoot was in the rain. I have been informed by the workers at the humane society that the swimming pool is his most favorite thing EVER. He would be great for someone with a pool, lake or pond. Teddy would also be a fantastic fishing buddy. HIS TAIL! Teddy's tail is a bushy puff of pure happiness! HIS FACE! He looks like a fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear (which you cannot tell in any of his pics because he is soaking wet).

The "info paragraph": Teddy is approximately 2 years old. He is a mix (of what, they are not sure...probably shepherd'ish). He would be ok with kids that are older as he has the potential to bowl toddlers over. He does well with other dogs. He needs a place to run off steam. He has lots of steam. And, as said, he requires a place to swim. I feel like Teddy would be fine in a home with a fenced in yard and a kiddy pool, however, he would be tons happier in the country with a pond. What I am saying here is that if you have a swimming pool, fenced in yard and lots of love to give then this dog is for you! If you live in the country and have a pond then this dog is waiting for you at the NEMO Humane Society.....wearing a sign with your name on it......



I also want to say something about any human that goes to the shelter to choose a pet. Please spend time with them. They ALL seem hyper at first because they have been in a kennel. Let them run for a few minutes. Be patient. You will get to see their real personality that way. It's always important to make an educated choice. Educated for yourself as well as the dog or cat that you wish to take home and name Fluffy. Don't make a poor choice for yourself or Fluffy.

If you are a first time reader please see our Mr. January blog for more info on why we do a 2BB dog of the month.

For more info or to visit Teddy, please contact the Northeast Missouri Humane Society at 573-221-9222.

Rainbows and Swimming Pools,

The brunette

PS- Excuse the typos, the blonde didn't have time to proof read today. Also, please know that this is my opinion of this particular dog. His personality with another human may be different. Make good choices, humans



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