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Why BE HAPPY: #happybarks project


Everyone WANTS to BE HAPPY, right?

One would think. Yet every day someone encounters another someone who seems unhappy for whatever the reason may be. In turn, that unhappy person has the means to create unhappiness in every mammal they come in contact with. Why? WHY do we do this to one another? The answer to that question would take a year of individualized blogs. We aren't doing that. We are not in the field of psychology here at 2 Besties Biscuits. Rather, we prefer to live in a field of dandelion puffs in which we may randomly make superfluous WISHES.


Which brings us to the point of this blog and what we hope to be a month of mammals coming together to BE A HAPPY ACT OF KINDNESS FOR A FELLOW MAMMAL.

April is a month filled with at least three causes we, as mammal lovers, adore:

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

National Pet Month (or the DAY, celebrated April 11)

Earth Day (celebrated April 22)


We aren't pageant girls wishing for world peace. We are just 2 real mammals with no singing or dancing talents to speak of collectively. We are mammals who choose to believe that random acts of kindness, regardless of their significance, will brighten another mammal's day. It's so simply. It takes very little effort. It takes very little time. It is 5 minutes of your life to bring joy to someone (canine or human...or both). Five.

One (JUST 1) act of kindness (or a HAPPY BARK, as we call them) per week for one year is only about 4 hours of your life.

WE ARE ASKING FOR A MONTH OF KINDNESS (we WANT the whole year but we are settling for the month of April). SO (TOPS) THAT'S LIKE 2 HOURS (if you do it every day).

StartFragmentMy thinking is that if we can spend time on social media in November sharing what we are "thankful for", December encouraging others to "give for the holidays" and every month complaining about something.....why can't we spend April practicing those same concepts whilst interacting with REAL LIFE MAMMALS AND still share it on social media? Yes, that was a question....answer it to yourself now.EndFragment

StartFragmentDo you know how much time we spend as humans doing things that are unproductive every year? Fellas, I am going to start with you because this factual info makes me LMAO. Dudes spend 11 months of their lifespan staring at women. (I'm crying right now) Think of all of the happiness they could bring to those women with a compliment (of the non-creepy variety), holding a door...the list goes on. Don't be upset, gentlemen, it's time to address what I have to assume is mostly directly at the ladies. 5 months of a lifespan worth of complaining. Come on, girls, we all do it. I know a lot of men that fall into this category as well...but it's mostly women. Just THINK of all the joy we could bring if we would complain whilst plotting our next act of kindness. Yes, I said WHILE. Let's not be unrealistic here.....we aren't going to stop complaining. I, personally, require it (I call it "venting"'s not even ungrateful it's just more for "fun" and, perhaps, sometimes so I don't have to obtain a lawyer). It's OK. Really. I said so. And guys, you keep on looking at chics, really!EndFragment

StartFragmentJust attempt to spread some happiness whilst doing so. OH and we ALL spend 11 years of our life watching TV. I say we plot our "spreading of the happy" during commercials. Seems more productive. Don't fast forward through them- PLOT through them. 5 minutes. FIVE.EndFragment

StartFragmentWe TEXT 100+ per day. Why not make ONE of those a smile maker to someone in your contact list.EndFragment

StartFragmentWe spend 5 years of life surfing the net. Surf for ways to bring a smile rather than reading the hate.EndFragment

StartFragmentThere you have it.EndFragment

StartFragmentThis is where we bribe our followers to get them to do as we wish......wait for it...............EVERY HAPPY BARK YOU SPREAD, EVERY RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS (BIG OR SMALL) WILL DONATE 2 BISCUITS TO A DOG AT THE NEMO HUMANE SOCIETY (THUS GIVING THEM HAPPY BARKS). How does this work, you ask? Every little bit of joy you spread must be explained in just a few words as your Facebook status, Tweet, Snap to us or Instagram photo. YOU MUST TAG US IN THESE POSTS!!! That is our only way of knowing how many biscuits to GIVE to the NEMO Humane Society. The "official tags" are below to make it easier for you that suck at social media (I'm talking to you, mom & dad).EndFragment

StartFragmentHere's where the joke is on us (mostly me). IT HAS BEEN 7 DAYS AND NO ONE HAS PARTICIPATED IN THIS. Yep- not one person. So that, to me, begs the questions: a) was this my fault for poor marketing? b) are people too busy to be kind? c) is it actually true that most people are a-holes (which is sort of what you are taught as the great-granddaughter of Hungarian-Slovak immigrants....they aren't super positive people, you know...courageous, yes, but not silver lining seekers...however, please don't let the a-hole thing be truth)? d) are people actually doing #happybarks but not tagging 2 Besties in their kindness posts (this would be the most amazing of solutions to what appears to be the flaw in this whole scheme)?EndFragment


Who knows. All I can assure you is that WE are passing on #happybarks.....365 days a year. And we are doing it just for FUN! Because mammals that make other mammals happy are proven to be happier themselves. I promised my Nana that I was going to BE HAPPY. She whispered it in my ear every time I left her and she wrote it in every card she ever gave me. So it's happening. I am going to BE HAPPY and I implore you to do the same. Once you get a whiff of it you will see how delightful it is.

Lend a Paw and Send a Smile,

The brunette (and The blonde, too)





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