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2 Besties Biscuits Ingredients

StartFragmentHow does one choose ingredients for dog biscuits? Carefully. While our biscuits are made of all human grade ingredients, not all human food is good for our canine family members. Research was done. Then what? We chose to procure the cleanest, healthiest, most natural, USDA Organic certified and local ingredients possible. One or ALL of those things combined makes for healthy, fresh, fun and delish biscuits for our fur babies. All natural with no preservatives (fun fact: any mass produced treat has some sort of preservative in it). We never use corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or flavors.EndFragment

StartFragmentHow are we pulling this off? Let us count the ways (because we are very proud of what we do).EndFragment


StartFragmentOk, we get excited about all of that but let’s move on to more fun facts about 2 Besties ingredients. We chose to hand-grind our own oat flour. Oat flour is low-gluten, high fiber, easily digestible, promotes a healthy digestive tract and is an excellent source of carbs and protein. Is it time consuming? Yes. But it is worth it. No wheat here! Our original recipe is a peanut biscuits because, well, dogs like peanut butter. The bonus here is that we use only USDA Organic peanut butter which is a fantastic source of proteins, vitamins, healthy fats, fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E and B6. USDA Organic is the highest standard of quality (label reading pays off again). Your dog's health is important to us and that is why we don't just use water, we use water that is FILTERED by double reverse osmosis . No yucky stuff in the water we use in our recipe. We refer to it as snobby water but in all actuality it's just much healthier for us mammals.EndFragment


(Insert Royal Trumpets HERE)

StartFragmentOUR BISCUITS ARE LICENSED FULLY LICENSED. We want our dog lover nation members to know that it took us almost a year to reach this point. We wanted to make sure our recipe was perfect. We also wanted to make sure that we were following all of the state and local regulations regarding pet food "manufacturing". We visited with the Department of Agriculture to ensure that we were completely legal and, most of all, safe. We also visited with City Hall and the health department on a local level just to ensure everything was legit. EndFragment


Our biscuits have been lab tested and approved. That lab testing was then displayed on our labels and sent off for approval. It was a fairly lengthy process. Which we were rather glad to find. We do not want to feed your dogs anything that we would not see fit for our own. This is why we decided to put a "use or freeze by" date on our labels. It was not required....the biscuits will be fine after that date for several weeks....but we wanted our members to know that they are receiving goods that are FRESH. If you have questions about the licensing or lab testing process, please ask. We may even blog about that process on a later date.

In closing, we feel compelled to inform you that there will always be MORE TO COME!

Sniffs & Wags,

The brunette & The blonde



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