November 26, 2017

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Why (buy) the PINK box?

January 1, 2017

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Miss April- SUPER GIRL

April 1, 2017

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a pack of Yorkies, able to attempt leaping tall fences in a single bound, look out at the NEMO Humane Society.  It's a bird!  It's a cat!  It's.....It's.......SUPER GIRL!

Yes, you read that correctly- Not an April Fool's joke.  SUPER GIRL!  I wish I could Photoshop a cape on her.  That is what the people who surrendered her called her. Super Girl.  I call her "pretty girl".  This fur baby was hard for me to leave.  I want her.  And not just because she loves 2 Besties Biscuits.


Super Girl is a 1 and a half year old German Shepherd/Collie mix.  She is potty trained and up to date on her shots.  She is very obedient.  She knows the basic commands: sit, stay, heel, down (maybe even more).  Super Girl does well with kids, cats and other dogs.  As you can see from the photos on our Facebook page, she loves attention.


I fell in love with this beautiful pup for numerous reasons.  First, I love her ears.  I know that sounds silly.  Not only are they soft but they are very entertaining and animated.  When she runs they flop excitedly atop her adorable head.  She has one ear that is sometimes flipped backwards...the better to hear you with?  Regardless, it is hilarious!   Second, she has the prettiest amber brown eyes.  WHICH she likes to wink with.  So I winked back (it seemed rude not to).  The list goes on.  She is loyal for sure.  Super Girl followed me around for almost an hour.  That made it difficult to take photos of her, however, it led to the knowledge that she loves her belly rubs.  When you rub her belly she SMILES.  It's too cute!  At one point she just laid her head down on my boot and stared at me.

Super Girl needs a cape for sure.  She likes to run.  So it just seems fitting for her to have a cape when doing so.  If you check out the Facebook  photos you will see that she has happy feet when she runs.  It is, quite possibly, the cutest thing about her.....ok,  maybe it's her ears......or her smile.....I can't decide!!  You decide for yourself.  If you are interested in this sweet girl please go to the Northeast Missouri Humane Society and visit with her.  I promise you will fall in love.  If you are meant to be her human, you will immediately know.

I do want to say that I feel she would be a great dog in any environment.  She does love to run and play but could still happily live in a small home.  A trip a week to the dog park would give her a happy tail.  She will be elated anywhere she is loved.  Her time spent with me was equal amounts of running and relaxing which tells me she's pretty well rounded for a pup her age.

I could go on and on but I will leave you with this:  I would name her Phoebe and read bedtime stories to her every evening.  Why?  Because I think she looks like a Phoebe and she seems the type that would like to learn to read some day.  She's smart.

Sweet Smiles and Happy Sniffs,

The brunette

PS- The above is fact mixed with my opinion.  Please visit Super Girl to form your own opinion of her.  She may be the perfect fit for your life. :)


Henceforth, from now until FURever, we will be sponsoring a "dog-o-the-month" from The Northeast Missouri Humane Society in our hometown, Hannibal, MO.

What does this mean?  It means that we bring you photos, info and insight on the dog that has been chosen by the Humane Society workers.  Maybe the pup was chosen because they have been there the longest, are the coolest, have the best kisses or the wettest nose.....WHO KNOWS!

Why?  Well, because we love dogs.  We think the Humane Society is a great thing.  We want other people who love dogs to have the chance to knowledgeably adopt.  And....we love dogs.  Oh, and we wanted to reward the humans that adopt.  That, too.  If YOU adopt the 2 Besties Sponsored Dog-O-the-Month you will receive 3 months of our biscuits as a THANK YOU for being such a good human (we said that in baby talk).  Is your tail wagging?  OURS ARE!


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