November 26, 2017

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Why (buy) the PINK box?

January 1, 2017

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Miss March- Bailey

March 1, 2017

Bailey is a 6 month old female brindle bull terrier/dachshund mix.  She is ALL PUPPY right now so she needs a loving, patient home that is willing to train (potty included) and play with her.  Bailey loves everyone.  She is good with kids of all ages, other dogs and cats. Bailey is up to date on her shots.  She is a friendly, playful little spitfire.  The humane society doesn't think she will get much bigger than she is right now.

First and foremost, you will notice that some of the photos of Bailey are out of focus.  Please know that while these best depict her, Bailey is anything but unfocused!  She was totally and completely focused on playing with that pink hippo.  The end!   Being in that yard, playing with that toy was true bliss for her.  Even though our time with Bailey was cut short due to the weather, I doubt my observation of her would have changed.  SHE IS ALWAYS ON THE GO!  Puppy through and through.  Photographing her energy was a challenge especially in the misty weather!  I got a video of her as a back-up plan.  Bailey is, quite possibly, the cutest thing EVER.

As I attempted to take photos of her she raced back and forth in the front yard with a pink hippo that was too big for her.  Several times she tripped over her own feet and/or the toy with complete recovery- she kept on truckin'!  Bailey LOVES TOYS!  If you want to make her a part of your life you are going to have to do some shopping.  She is going to require a basket of toys for sure.  She's an explorer.  When she would give the hippo a rest it was only because she was off exploring.  Grass, dirt, kennels, sticks......ADVENTURE!

At this point I knew that most of my photos were probably blurry.  I considered getting on the ground with her as I usually do when I photograph the pups.....then I realized that would probably not benefit me.  If I dropped to my belly on her level the picture-taking would be over.  I would have played with her all evening.  So I stayed upright.  Which is when I learned that this short little girl can JUMP!  The videos capture the playful side of her personality while the photos are the lovey, happy and sweet.

If I could guess, I would say that her perfect day would be as follows:   waking up to sit on your lap while you drank your coffee, following you through the house as you get ready, taking a trip to a pet store for more toys, walking a trail, hitting the dog park and then having lunch at a dog friendly restaurant with outdoor seating.  She didn't tell me that.......I'm just guessing. 

Summed up, Bailey is a peach.  Anyone with some time and patience would have a fantastic, faithful addition to their home.  She has a sprightly personality and is full of LOVE!  Please see our Facebook post for photos and videos of Bailey on or after March 1st.  You may also visit our Instagram page right now to sneak a peek of her in all of her glory.  If you follow us on Snapchat you got a snippet of her last week!  Contact the NEMO Humane Society at 573-221-9222 for more details or just stop by and visit.


Henceforth, from now until FURever, we will be sponsoring a "dog-o-the-month" from The Northeast Missouri Humane Society in our hometown, Hannibal, MO.

What does this mean?  It means that we bring you photos, info and insight on the dog that has been chosen by the Humane Society workers.  Maybe the pup was chosen because they have been there the longest, are the coolest, have the best kisses or the wettest nose.....WHO KNOWS!

Why?  Well, because we love dogs.  We think the Humane Society is a great thing.  We want other people who love dogs to have the chance to knowledgeably adopt.  And....we love dogs.  Oh, and we wanted to reward the humans that adopt.  That, too.  If YOU adopt the 2 Besties Sponsored Dog-O-the-Month you will receive 3 months of our biscuits as a THANK YOU for being such a good human (we said that in baby talk).                                   Is your tail wagging?  OURS ARE!

Loving Licks and Happy Homes,

The brunette

Please know that this is a summary of info from the humane society and my observations in the time I spent with Bailey.  You must visit with her and form your own opinions of this sweet pea.


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