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OPERATION: Feed the Furballs

This project. This GIVING community project. In case you have been living under a rock (totally kidding, I have just always wanted to say that...pompously) this "operation" is for the pups at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society .


We love this project for a plethora of reasons. First and foremost, we love it because the local businesses that have signed on to support this philanthropic adventure of ours did so knowing they had zero to gain. Nothing. No one is gaining from this.....EXCEPT FOR THE DOGS AT THE NEMO HUMANE SOCIETY.

So maybe we at 2 Besties get some biscuits in to some new dog bellies (or maybe we don't). And maybe a few new people patronize the businesses that have so kind heartedly agreed to do this (but probably not). Let's face it, more than likely what is going to happen is that our current customers and their current customers are going to just keep doing what they are already doing (supporting all of us) while, in turn, feeding tons of meals to tons of dogs. We have all come together to make a difference. That's it.


THAT is what I love about OPERATION: Feed the Furballs. As a community of local businesses we have come together to support one another, to GIVE with no promise of anything in return.

We try to find words to accurately encapsulate the gratitude we have for the businesses that WANTED to help. They did not have to be asked twice or even be reminded to respond. They just said "YES". But we have no words with enough grandeur to describe it. All we have is "THANK YOU".

StartFragmentThank you to Java Jive, Ole Planters Restaurant, Chocolaterie Stam, Hannibal Chiropractic & Wellness (Matthew Klemm, DC), Jason Utterback Agency, YOUnique Art Studio, Mark Twain Dinette, The Law Offices of Dempsey & Dempsey, Finn's Food and Spirits and Scissors/B&B Hair Care FOR THEIR PARTICIPATION IN SELLING BISCUITS. Special thanks to Huston Graphix, Cassono’s Pizza, Griffen’s Flowers and F&M Bank for volunteering time and efforts to help the cause. Thank you for loving dogs as much as we do. Thank you for loving this community as much as we do!EndFragment


The gist of this project is as follows:

1 PINK box of biscuits = 4 meals

Let us explain. You buy a PINK box of 2 Besties Dog Biscuits and YOU are feeding 4 dogs a meal. That's it. You take the biscuits home to your furry friend and we take 4 meals to 4 of our furry friends at the NEMO Humane Society. Easy Peasy (lemon squeezey)! AND if you do not have a dog to share biscuits with, you may purchase a box and donate them to the shelter (just leave them where you made the purchase and we will deliver them to the humane society).

For more info check out our Facebook or Instagram page @opfurballs. If you buy biscuits at one of these fantastical businesses PLEASE share them on social media and use #buythepinkbox and #opfurballs. HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!

Wagging Tails and Wonderful Woofs,

The brunette and The blonde




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