November 26, 2017

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Why (buy) the PINK box?

January 1, 2017

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Mr. February- Gunner

February 1, 2017


You may not be looking for a dog yourself, but by sharing this blog or our Facebook post you are helping us find him a home.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Around here IT TAKES A COMMUNITY TO FIND A DOG A FAMILY!   Mr. February could be YOUR valentine!


Henceforth, from now until FURever, we will be sponsoring a "dog-o-the-month" from The Northeast Missouri Humane Society in our hometown, Hannibal, MO.

What does this mean?  It means that we bring you photos, info and insight on the dog that has been chosen by the Humane Society workers.  Maybe the pup was chosen because they have been there the longest, are the coolest, have the best kisses or the wettest nose.....WHO KNOWS!

Why?  Well, because we love dogs.  We think the Humane Society is a great thing.  We want other people who love dogs to have the chance to knowledgeably adopt.  And....we love dogs.  Oh, and we wanted to reward the humans that adopt.  That, too.  If YOU adopt the 2 Besties Sponsored Dog-O-the-Month you will receive 3 months of our biscuits as a THANK YOU for being such a good human (we said that in baby talk).                                   Is your tail wagging?  OURS ARE!

So meet Gunner.  He is a 2-3 year old Hound Mix. He does well with older Kids, dogs and cats. He also LOVES to SNIFF.

We spent an hour with Gunner for his photo shoot.  He is a PEACH!  The words "he loves to sniff" are important.  This boy would be a great hunting dog for someone who had the time to train him.  That certainly isn't a necessity in his life- he has no idea what hunting is (I don't think).  But I can almost promise you that if you have moles in your yard, HE IS YOUR MAN!  If you have seen his photo montage on our Facebook Page you will see his abilities as a seeker in action.  Sniffy McSnifferson.

Gunner likes to play.  Gunner also likes to LOVE.  He spent just as much time next to our sides wanting us to pet him as he did sniffing and running.  You can see from his photos that he smiles when you love him.  His smile is infectious.

You will also notice from his photos that he has one brown eye and one blue eye.               HIS EYES ARE MESMERIZING!  Absolutely beautiful.  They add to his charm and good-tempered personality.  Legend has it that a dog with two different color eyes  can view heaven and earth both at the same time.  HOW FRIGGIN' COOL IS THAT?!?   They also say that they are natural protectors.  Interesting speculations.  Better throw a fact in here that can be proven, huh?  One brown and one blue eye is actually called heterochromia iridis and it occurs as a result of genetics.  Gunner's eyes make him so unique.  He is truly beautiful.

It is always tough for us to leave the Humane Society.  All of the pups there have a little piece of our hearts.  Each of them is pretty fantastic in their own way.  Please help us find a FURever Home for Gunner. Thank you in advance for your support and for sharing Gunner with your friends and neighbors.

If you have further questions about Gunner please contact the NEMO Humane Society at 573-221-9222.  FOR MORE PICS OF MR. FEBRUARY, GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (@2BESTIESBISCUITS) ON OR AFTER 2/1/17.  There will also be some on Instagram and Twitter.

Wags & Well Wishes,

The brunette and The blonde

Please note that we are not professional ANYTHINGS.  What you have read are facts from the Humane Society mixed with our observations and opinions.  Thank you for reading our Daily Sniff Dog Blog.  We apPAWciate it!

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