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Why (buy) the PINK box?

When we started this new, fun, unexplored venture in life, we pondered WHY we were doing it. What was the most important reason that we chose to do it? What did it mean to us? Was it worth it? The answers were simple.

We did this, first and foremost, because we wanted to help the local humane society by raising money doing something we are good at (the second half is the selfish part)....something we LOVE. Baking (and of course it had to be for DOGS, der). YOLO! We had nothing to lose. If it didn't pan out then so be it. If it did, well, HIGH FIVE, bestie! It meant us giving back to a place that was not only dear to us but also to a fun-loving friend that had recently passed away. Every time we take the donations from our PUPstomers biscuit purchases to the NEMO Humane Society, we are silently donating them in honor of our, gone too soon, dog loving friend. Thus far it has TOTALLY BEEN WORTH IT!!! I sometimes struggle to put it into words. The outpouring of love and support we have received in this community that we have called HOME our entire lives has been phenomenal. Just WOW.



We chose the pink box because it, too, represents why we decided to travel this path. Pink is a representation of compassion, nurturing and love. Pink is the color of happiness. All of those words and their meanings seemed to sum up our feelings for this project.


Why BUY the pink box?

StartFragmentReasons to buy the PINK BOX vary. We didn't want this blog to be one-sided, so we asked some of our customers why THEY buy the pink box. Why they keep coming back. This is what they shared:EndFragment


  • We are 100% lab certified and analyzed so they know they are feeding their babies the best.

  • We make biscuits that their dogs visibly enjoy eating and get excited for.

  • We donate 20% of ALL purchases EVERY DAY to the Northeast Missouri Humane Society and sometimes more at specified events.

  • We DO NOT use WHEAT flour which has been linked over the years as the main "grain" allergy in dogs.

  • We love dogs (that one made us smile the most)

  • We use only dog safe, human grade ingredients, so much so that we hand grind our own oats, use local hand-ground organic peanut butter and filtered water.

  • We recycle and reuse.

  • We make biscuits that have turned dogs into treat snobs (customer words this time, not mine...but that one made me giggle).

  • We are pretty cool people (we think so, too).

  • We are on our way to reaching our sustainability goals (this acknowledgment excites us).

  • We are a local small business (lived here our whole lives except for when we went to college...don't hold that against us).StartFragment

  • We come up with our own fun, eye-catching, enjoyable marketing tactics and ideas (because we are cool).

  • The blonde is a SUPER sweet person and people love her (I agree).

  • We are a no waste business. Anything we feel is not fresh enough for our customers is immediately taken to the Northeast Missouri Humane Society.

  • We make your order fresh (we do take orders all week long and bake on Sundays every week).

  • We use local ingredients as often as possible.

  • We produce in small batches.

  • We are very thorough and follow the rules and regulations which we do not mind sharing with the world (we are an open book, ask us anything...sometimes we OVER share).

  • We quite obviously love what we do (this one gave us warm fuzzies).EndFragment


As we so often plug, we are doing this to raise money for the local humane society. We want to raise awareness for the cause. Some day we may take over the world (insert maniacal laugh here). For now we are focusing on the things we are able to do locally (in Missouri and Illinois).

We understand that you have a choice on what treat to drop into your dog's mouth. We hope you choose us. We want to serve your dog some delightful biscuits. We want both you and your dog to be HAPPY. We love wagging tails (human and canine alike). As always, we encourage you to choose what is best for your pup. Every dog is different just as every human is different. We don't all use the same kind of toothpaste or listen to the same music. Some of us hate fish! Try all the treats! Make an educated decision for your dog. As a pup parent you can tell what makes your dog smile! This is what my babička Zsuzska would refer to as "the proof in the pudding".

StartFragmentIn closing this blog we want to reiterate that we cannot vouch for the treats/biscuits that are made by any one person or company, just as they cannot for vouch for those we make. All we can do is tell you our truths. We hand select the best ingredients possible. Ingredients that are local, healthy and proven safe for your dogs. No additives, no food coloring and no harmful dyes.EndFragment


Am I repeating myself? I'll shut up now. You get the idea. Most importantly, you know why our current dog nation members BUY THE PINK BOX.

HAPPY, pink'ISH tongues come from BRIGHT pink boxes!


The brunette (and The blonde, too)

Pretty much everything in this blog is either my opinion or the opinion of the humans we surveyed for this blog. Anything factual can be proven with these little pieces of paper we have in a filing cabinet.



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