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The Somewhat Magical Story of The 2 Besties (and their biscuits)

StartFragmentAlas, let it be known that we 2 besties have been baking together since 1988. The story of us besties begins in a fairly normal manner. But it should not be overlooked because of its normalcy. It was an odd pairing. Like putting a Nike Flex Trainer on one foot and a Converse Classic Chuck High Top on the other. However, we 2 did not see our differences as odd because we found that we complement one another (like ying and yang). Oh yes, God knew what he was doing when he brought us, these 2 polar opposites, together. He was creating what would eventually morph into a super-friendship of epic proportions. Let us not negate the friendships we hold aside from one another. All of those are fabulous as well. This one just haphazardly became different. Not many can spend the amount of time together that we have for the last 28 years (Jr. High, High School, College, Marriage, Children) whilst continuing to share the love.EndFragment


It happened one sunny summer day. One moved into the neighborhood of the other. One had a pool. One didn’t. One wasn’t sure about the other. We both loved our dogs (maybe we dressed them in clothes-whatever). One cool October day we baked our first batch of infamous Halloween cookies together (not the everyday chocolate chip kind). The rest is history! We have been baking those same cookies for just about every holiday ever since (that’s an estimated 24,192 cookies). The short version is: puppy love, pool time, cookie dough eating (hasn’t killed us yet) and laughter….an abundance of LOVE and LAUGHTER.

Oddly enough, as adults we both acquired dogs with allergies of some sort. We had previously decided, as humans, not to eat anything we couldn’t pronounce, so it should be the same for our dogs. Healthy dog food it is. But what about treats? Those seemed more difficult to find at the time. We should just make them- DUH. Share the love! I mean, why not? 2 humans that can churn out over 24,000 human cookies should be able to make the time for dog biscuits! We played with ingredients until we had our own recipes. Yes, you read that correctly. These ingredients are hand selected. These recipes are OUR recipes (not something from Pinterest). We developed them in our own kitchens for our own dogs. We worked on said recipes until they were perfect. SPOILER ALERT: Recipes was PLURAL…so there’s more to come! Stay tuned!

StartFragmentSo this is the super short version of our friendship and how we became purveyors of peculiarly popular (or as they say “pup-ular”) dog biscuits.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us.

Love & Licks,

The brunette & The blonde



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