January 4, 2019

This project.  This GIVING community project.  In case you have been living under a rock (totally kidding, I have just always wanted to say that...pompously) this "operation" is for the animals at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society .


April 12, 2018

The Northeast Missouri Humane Society asked us if we were willing to do two dogs-o-the-month......OF COURSE WE SAID YES!!!

Meet these two min pin friends, Butch and Mo.  They are available for adoption RIGHT NOW!  So go on...what are you still here for?!?


March 8, 2018

March?  Whaaaaaaaaat?!?  HOW is this possible?  Anyhoo- it IS so we must present you with Mr. March!

Freckles is a 1 and a half year old Cattle Dog Mix.  He is full of happy energy!  If Freckles could speak, he would tell you that he wants to be an only child...

February 22, 2018

Reflecting on Responsible Pet Owners Month, I find it time to wax poetic again.  I will attempt to be gentle.  Have you ever watched the movie Billy Madison?  His teacher is reading the class a story about a lost puppy.  I think he best put it when he said the followin...

February 4, 2018

When we decided to do a dog of the month here at 2 Besties we truly had no clue how much fun it would be to get to know all of these awesome pups.  Mr. February is no exception!

We are proud to announce that our Mr. February, Peanut, is available to be YOUR VALENTINE!


January 1, 2018

First of all-----YAPPY NEW YEAR!

One of the BARKtastic things that's entering its 2nd year here at 2 Besties is THIS!

Henceforth, since December of 2016 until FURever, we will be sponsoring a "dog-o-the-month" from The Northeast Missouri Humane Society.

What does this mea...