Bathe to Save

REvisits Hannibal, MO

for Dog's Day Downtown









Everyone is SUPER DUPER excited to have the Amos family returning to our hometown with the hopes of again raising awareness for our local shelter.  So if you missed our RECORD BREAKING EVENT last year, now is your chance to be a part of history!  If you attended last year then you know how what a fetching good time we had!

The animals at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society think Bathe to Save is BARKtastic!  

So SAVE THE DATE ...CLEAR YOUR PUP'S CALENDAR....AND MEET US TO RAISE FUNDS!  OH......and, yes, they actually are BATHING YOUR DOG on the spot!  

Admission to the event is FREE but bring some cash so we can have some fun and GIVE to the shelter.  There is a $20- $40 donation required to have your pup bathed depending on their size and hair length.  

$5 per child will get your kiddos into the bounce houses for an unlimited amount of turns as well as a FREE face painting session!

Visit this page for reoccurring PUPdates on what's to come at this totally FUN, loving, family oriented event.  

-Please make sure that your dog attending the event is up to date on vaccinations, well-behaved in public and not on a retractable leash.  We thank you for being a responsible pup parent.

Don't miss this UNIQUE opportunity!

Much Love to our 2018 Sponsors

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